Sea Sense is a Tanzanian NGO that works closely with coastal communities to conserve and protect Tanzania’s most iconic marine wildlife including sea turtles, dugongs and whale sharks.  These species play a key role in maintaining healthy marine ecosystems.  Their long term survival is critical to the wellbeing of coastal people who rely on the productivity of marine ecosystems for their income and food security.

Sea Sense uses a ‘grassroots’ approach whereby community engagement in conservation initiatives is a priority. Sea Sense also works with local and national governments to advocate for greater community participation in decision making about the management of marine and coastal resources.

The Sea Sense mission is:

To promote the sustainable use of coastal and marine resources in Tanzania for the preservation of marine biodiversity and the health and prosperity of coastal communities.

Sea Sense activities are channelled through four programme areas:

  • Marine wildlife research monitoring
  • Environmental education and outreach
  • Sustainable livelihoods
  • Governance and leadership training.

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